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King Henry II ailing retreated to Chinon The faithful
King Henry II ailing retreated to Chinon. The faithful William Marshall and his illegitimate son Geoffrey remained by him to the end.
Henry II
Henry II, King of England Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Uk History, Black History,
Geoffrey, Count of Anjou
Henry II 1133-89 King of England from 1154, from the effigy on his
Contemporary portrait of King Henry II of England - Gerald of Wales.
King Henry II of England (1133-1189).
Portrait of King Henry II on the south door of IIffley Church, Oxford.
Henry II. Grievously sick, the ailing lion retreated to Chinon ...
Name: King Henry II Born: March 5, 1133 at Le Mans, France Parents: Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, and Empress Matilda Relation to Elizabeth II: 22nd great- ...
Detail, possibly of Eleanor of Aquitaine from the 12th century mural in Chapelle Sainte-Radegonde de Chinon, France. The mural was discovered when a bit of ...
Eleanor of Aquitaine knights a follower.
Plantagenet Queens Consort of England: Wives of the Kings of England
Henry II "Curtmantle" Plantagenet
Coronation of Henry the Young in June 1170.
Paul Giamatti's Portrayal of King John, son of King Henry II of England in the 2010 film Ironclad
In the Footsteps of Eleanor of Aquitaine: Chapelle Sainte-Radegonde de Chinon
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Fortress of Chinon - Principle residence of King Henry II of England King Henry, Loire
King Henry II
Further disputes arose between young Henry and his equally fiery tempered brother, Richard. The Young King objected to a castle Richard had built on what he ...
Henry II and Thomas Becket
A poster style picture of all the Kings and Queens of England since 1066, starting
Chinon Castle, or Chateau. Primary residence of King Henry II of England when his
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Henry II "Curtmantle" Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine
... King Henry III (1216 – 1272) The House of Plantagenet
King Henry II Eleanor of Aquitaine knights a follower.
... King John Lackland (1199 – 1216) the House of Plantagenet
Charles VII of France
... King Stephen (1135 – 1154) The House of Normandy
King Henry I Beauclerc (1100 – 1135) The House of Normandy
King Henri IV of France
A furious Henry then changed ...
House of Plantagenet - Henry II, 1154-1189, is considered by some to
Issue of Eleanor & Henry
... King Richard II (1377 – 1399) The House of Plantagenet
King Henry IV (1399 – 1413) Plantagenet Of Lancaster
12th-century depiction of Henry and Eleanor holding court; Credit – Wikipedia
Henry II · Eleanor of Aquitaine
Henry I of England
Chapter VIII
King Henry II
Eleanor of Aquitaine
King Henry II
Ancêtres (et descendants) de Henri II 'curtmantle' Plantagenêt
The Ceremonious Entry of the “Lady of the Crest” Saumur Tournament 1446
Henry and Eleanor; Credit – Wikipedia
The Monastic Patronage of King Henry II in England | Thesis | Religion And Belief
Chinon Castle where Henry died
King Henry II John sealing the Magna Carta by Frank Wood (1925)
King Henry III of France, the last Valois King of France
King Henri IV of France
Henri II 'curtmantle' (Duc) Plantagenêt Roi d'Angleterre (1133-1189) » Stamboom Homs » Genealogie Online
William II of England - William II, depicted c. 1310
From the painting by W. H. Margetson
Palace of Poitiers, seat of the counts of Poitou and dukes of Aquitaine in the 10th through 12th centuries, where Eleanor's highly literate and artistic ...
Semi-Final Results
King Henry II Plantagenet · House of Anjou / Plantagenet
Henry the Young King; Credit – Wikipedia
Henry's second Great Seal
Geoffrey V of Anjou; Credit – Wikipedia
Edward III of England (left) and Phillip VI of France (right)
Effigy of Richard at rest in the Fontevrault (Fontevraud) Abbey, near Chinon, in Anjou, France
Henry the Young King
King John and King Philip II of France making peace with a kiss; Credit – Wikipedia
Henry of Anjou will become Henry II when he is anointed king on 19 Dec 1154.
Next, from Ralph V. Turner's biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, here is a table about Louis VII, who had married Eleanor of Aquitaine before they divorced:
The marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henry of Anjou and Henry's subsequent succession to the throne of England created the Angevin Empire.
Image(s) Jean I \'sans Terre\' (King John of England) Plantagenêt Roi d\'Angleterre
The murder of King Henri IV, painted by Charles-Gustave Housez. source: Wikipedia
Marguerite and Henri. source: Wikipedia
A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 4 by Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume, 1787-1874 | Pope | Religion And Belief
Silver penny of Henry II
Archbishop Theobald had been recently counseling the new king on what government advisory and bureaucratic positions needed to be filled and who should fill ...
King Henry II
Voorouders (en nakomelingen) van Philippe II 'auguste' de France