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Because les miserables wasnt SadStuck enough before we
Because les miserables wasn't SadStuck enough before we applied it to Homestuck :(
I feel like when someone makes art like this it really hits you that these characters
Nothing about this is okay. NOTHING. Striders, Home Stuck, Crying, Told
Ow ow owwww you fucking pricks I hate this fandom sometimes because they cause me more misery
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Homestuck: I Don't Need You Anymore.
All the Sadstuck
Moooorrrreeee sadstuck.
I don't want it to end because on the last page he'll
bye heart see when im done reading homestuck. Kaitlyn · Sadstuck
let's take a moment to respect the Striders because no one shows these cuties love besides me, because I'm dating Dirk < buahahaha my life ...
homestuck, sadstuck Davekat, Homestuck Karkat, Miss You, Told You So, Crying
You can't buy fun but you can download it
Sadstuck Tavros Nitram Aradia, Homestuck Trolls, Random Stuff, Told You So, Sad
This times I just want to hug him but I can't. So I
I've seen this before and it still breaks my heart but at the same
You made my baby cry. He's done the best he fucking can. Now apologize before i kick some ass.
<3 I would also like to say: I watched sadstuck videos today (
I hate how everyone treats him it's bullshit, all He ever does is try so hard and her a little fucked up, their cruel actions are not warranted
homestuck anime Dave Strider John Egbert Dave animation john bro strider bro sadstuck homestuck anime im not a hero
Aww :,( right in the relatable feels thats why Andrew Hussie drew bullies being attacked by the dog-dragon thing :) < < < Sadstuck
shiny desu maid of time by snowy-town.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
art homestuck Dave Strider srsly why do i sadstuck at if i tried to list everything about dave that made me sad i'd be retelling all of homestuck
homestuck // please source your artwork. you didn't do this, and
Read "Dave Poem (Sadstuck)" #wattpad #fanfiction Homestuck Dave, Striders
Art does not belong to me but the song is how to save a life by
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All the Sadstuck
You're never alone. Ellie · Sadstuck
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Can we start a cyberstuck or something
Gamzee SadStuck(old)
Kankri x reader SADSTUCK!!! by Wolfette13 on deviantART Its Okay, Homestuck,
it's 0kay i f0rgive y0u... pr0mise me y0u will never let me g0
The moment when everything comes down and for some reason, we blame everything on ourselves
Genderbent KatNep!
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I guess a Happy Late Wriggling Day is in order for Karkat Homestuck, Told You
*Sobs Grossly* This fandom KILLS ME. probably repinned before buT ASDJCVHSLAGDJ Homestuck,
️KatNep @EnderScythe
"are we the last living trolls?"// in hindsight this is really sad because everyone in this picture, save aradia and sollux, are dead (maybe gamzee but who ...
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Sadstuck - D:
"We may be doomed to fail. But we must not fail to try.
The lovely Jade and her best friend, Bec. Abundance, Homestuck Family, Jade
Totes agree, to me it seemed Sollux was really only attached to Feferi because she
[When Kurloz stitched his lips shut, he sewed them so that he was always
Sadstuck discovered by Evanna Apple on We Heart It
Erisolsprite from tumblr Told You So, Homestuck Trolls, Otp, Decir No, Fan
I feel like that was sweet but sad... So bittersweet.
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Black and White
Davesprite and Bro
View full-size (800x1281 206 kB.) | homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck and Anime
Vriska John sadstuck Homestuck, Told You So, Fandoms, Celestial, Bro, Poem
EB: I should have seen this coming. EB: It never is just a game, right? Dangit, karkat i don't care who you were protecting this is not ...
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Dave x Jade (Homestuck)
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WHAT SONG IS THIS? The beginning has the same lyrics as all time low lullabies
well you didnt have to make it more sad (homestuck spoilers)
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[Sadstuck] Bro?
Striders, Told You So, Homestuck, Rusty Spoon, Hetalia,
Are you imitating ancestor Sufferer or what? Because if so that's terribly SadStuck and you need to cut that out, Kankri.
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John Egbert x Vriska Serket~ Gaahhh SadStuck and Shipping all together! I Ship It
homestuck Gamzee Makara karkat vantas Gamkar I am so quality. Not. How do
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Yes hello everyone, this is the fandom that will rip out your soul and shred it to bits. But the feels man. THE FEEEELLSSS
Author has written 13 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Homestuck, Les Misérables, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, Wrestling, and Bravest Warriors.
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[dave] sadstuck
Kanaya Maryam
This is what happens when gamzee runs out of faygo and pie :I Home Stuck
The Falling Tiers
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Dem feels;( #homestuck #davestrider #brostrider #sadstuck Bro Strider, Homestuck
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Terezi and Vriska, Scourge Sisters... <3 When You Kiss Me
Told You So, Depressing, Striders, Me Gustas,
Davesprite, OUT. this is not cool. not cool at all. Sadstuck Davekat
Tags: Fanart, deviantART, Homestuck, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, John Egbert
I hate all the boys two, expecially Gamzee, I hate Gamzee way more than
Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Terezi Pyrope - Karezi
awut :: let me tell you about homestuck | Tapastic Comics - image 1 Homestuck
One of Bro's guidelines for raising a child
Karezi Im Sorry, Homestuck, Told You So, Feels, Im So Sorry
Davekat, Grubs, Horns, Told You So, Fandoms, Homestuck, Acham, Truths, Fandom
I AM NOT SHORT EQUIS!!! Everyone is just really glubbing tall! (
the trolls and humans always write in their text colour, it doesnt necessarily mean eridan wrote that using his blood
~Karkat x Gamzee~ How Do I Get, Homestuck, I Love Him,