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A Wug Test mug!
IT'S A WUG MUG *linguistics nerd alert*
Mugs. WUG Mug
Cutesy Wutesy Mug
Not judging your grammar, just analysing it - Mug in black on white Tall Mug
back when syntax trees were simple. LOL
Anxietea Mug (Things I bite back around The Others)
Comfy Womfy Mug
WUG Typography Mug
Caring Carol Gifts > Caring Carol Mugs Therapist Emotions Mug
A Fricative Party Don't Stop | Linguistics Mug
When I Rule the World: Grammar Mugs
Standard Mugs - CafePress
Cute Speech Language Pathologist gift. A pretty mug with a peace sign, heart, and SLP for speech language pathology.
Liquids only mug "
Linguistics Starter Kit Mug Mugs
Mug on CafePress.com
The WUG test demonstrating that children as young as 3 or 4 internalize complex grammatical codes like plurals.
Palatal lateral approximant giraffe mug
Wuggiana « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Speech Language Pathology, Speech And Language, Love Each Other
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English Phonetic Sounds | Linguistics (White) Mug
Hehe. Optimality Theory ftw · Linguistics MajorUsmcCoffee MugTheoryMugs
Linguistics Major Design Mug
Linguistics Is A *Bikjǭ Mug
Cognitive Therapy Dilemma for Speech Language Pathologists Tall Mug
A Day Without Linguistics Mug
Wug Stamp by Lydia - featuring WUG from a linguistics (first language acquistion) experiment... <3
Live, Laugh, Love, Linguistics - White on Pink Mug
Linguistics: Can't Say Hello in That Language Mug
linguistics is cool -- doggo aesthetic Mug
Standard Mugs - CafePress
Linguistics Degree Makes Me Highly Qualified Mug
what the fricative? | Linguistics Travel Mug
Grice's Maxims | Linguistics Mug
Linguistics Masters Degree Graduation Gift Tall Mug
The Wug Test, from The Child's Learning of English Morphology.
Tea in Every Language Mug in Blue
Putting the Antics back in Semantics | Linguistics Tall Mug
Linguistics in IPA Tall Mug
The wug test is an experiment in linguistics, created by Jean Berko Gleason in 1958. It was designed as a way to investigate the acquisition of the plural ...
Many linguists see it as almost a symbol of the field and a testament to a particular brew of quirky humor. Personally, I would be proud to have it ...
Wug You Linguist Valentine's Day Mug
(also available for phonologists and linguists), Language is like a good applesauce bib · "
The limits of my language mean the limits of my world Mug
Long Live Dead Languages - Latin Coffee Mug
Linguistics Travel Mug
Linguistics & [lɪŋgwɪstɪks] | White Travel Mug
And, from the Linguist List's Linguist of the Day posting (of 3/19/12) on Jean, this charming photo of her with a really big wug:
The Wug Test: Poems (National Poetry Series)
"Liquids only" mug · Linguists need semantics T-shirt
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Linguistics Major Chocolate Two-Tone Coffee Mug
Travel Mug
Hilarious Wug Life Linguistics Parody T-Shirt for Linguists
IPA eye chart T-shirt
Linguist's RingedMug Mug
How Language Seems To Shape One's View Of The World
IPA vowel chart products · I love linguistics IPA bumper sticker
Long Live Dead Languages - Latin Pinback Button
Sample displays from the computer game that children played. The display on the computer screen
Figure 1: This is a wug.
Second Language Learning Theories [Mitchell -Myles] | Second Language Acquisition | Language Acquisition
Lingthusiasm merch! IPA scarves, descriptivist t-shirts, and Lingthusiasm logo stickers Lingthusiasm
... https://i.imgur.com/r1NUPYP.jpg
IPA eye chart products · IPA vowel chart mousepad
I'll still be blogging here weekly (or weekly-ish), and Lingthusiasm podcast episodes will stick to their regular schedule. Thanks to the slow pace of ...
This is a Wug. These are the famous words with which the Wug Test in
I Am Learning Inglés: A Dual-Language Comic
Understanding language structure, interaction, and variation: an introduction to applied linguistics and sociolinguistics for nonspecialists - PDF Free ...
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Full Color Mug
Bee Mumble & Wug
Understanding language structure, interaction, and variation: an introduction to applied linguistics and sociolinguistics for nonspecialists - PDF Free ...
This is a wug bag · "
Best of 2018 in Language and Culture Around the World
When I grow up, I want to be a syntactician T-shirt "
crochet wug.jpg